POHO Inaugural TrAIL: April, 26, 4014

A to A
Carb loading:  3:00pm
Hares away: 3:30pm
Pack away: 3:45pm
Hares: Rektal Spielunker, F5, HeyUWannaLeiMe, Hoot are You.
Start: 8001 Franklin Farms Drive, Richmond, VA 23229
(Behind the building)

Hash Cash: $5 (free for hash virgins)
Trail Length (Approx):
Turkeys (r*nners):  4.5 miles
Penguin (walkers):  3.5 miles
Shiggy Rating: (1=None to 5=Jungle Bushwacking) – 3
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Stroller Friendly:  No
More Info:
Bug spray,just in case
Vessel, just in case
The will be poison ivy
Chalk is always handy
Change of shoes and socks
Please don’t blow whistles in the park.
On-After: Capital Ale House Innsbrook (about 6pm)

Questions? Email: pohoh3@gmail.com

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