Why Do Hash House Harriers R*n in Red Dresses?

Rektal Spielunker took me on my first hash.  It was our third date, and even though he denies it, I know it was a test.  He was hashing two or three times a week and if I didn’t like it…we weren’t going to be dating long.

I loved it right away.  It was cold and raining and I wasn’t dressed for it.  We sloshed through the woods with OTH4 and I think I had a smile on my face the whole time.  It was like being a kid again.

The next day, I started reading every thing I could find on the internet about the Hash House Harriers.  Photos and stories from Red Dress R*uns dominated my searches.  So, I thought, hashers not only run around, drink beer, act like frat boys and otherwise reclaim their youth, they can also do good in the community.

Ok, I’m in.

So how did it start?

It’s a funny story…


– HeyUWannaLeiMe

Special thanks to Hops

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