G.M. – Rektal Spielunker & HeyUWannaLeiMe
Religious Advisor – Lichtenschtabbed
Hare Raiser –
Virginia Craft Beer Meister –
Cider Meister –
Haberdasher – Hey You Wana Lei Me
Hash Cash/On Sec. – Princess and the Pooh
Web Master – Hey You Wana Lei Me
Hash HO – Cocktroller

Founders: Rektal Spielunker & HeyUWannaLeiMe

Grand Master
This is our figurehead, the embodiment of our Hash. The GM is the Head of the mismanagement gaggle and the head of the Hash. He/she directs the Circle, inviting the, the Virgins, Returnees, Leavers, etc Hares to come forward and be recognized. For a part of the circle, he hands over control to the Religious Advisers. Convenes Mismanagement meetings as necessary to generate hate and discontent. Responsible for the overall organization of the Hash and someone to blame when anything goes wrong.

Religious Advisor
He/she offers moral support and instruction to hashers. The RA takes notes of any sins committed during the runs and gives out punishment to the sinners, usually in the form of a down-down. The RA may employ Hash Snitches to help him with this job.

Beer Meister
Buys the beer, soft drinks, water and ice and ensures that they get into the Hash Vehicle on time. Ensures that stock does not go missing. Ensures that down-downs are always available. Pokes open the beer for down downs using an aproved device or whatever is available at the time.

Brings t-shirts and other hash paraphernalia to the run for sale. Maintains an inventory of stock. Responsible for production of any t-shirt/paraphernalia to be sold on the Hash.

Hash Cash 
Keeps the books for both longevity and hash funds. Dispenses funds to cover expenses and develops overall budget with mismanagement.

Hare Raiser 
As hare raiser, he/she is responsible for helping to train new hares to lay trail properly.

Maintains the homepage, updates the calendar and provides a place for hashers to upload photos. Also maintains email distribution list.

Hash HO
Helps to promote the kennel, in person and on the internets.

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Hashing in Richmond, Virginia, USA

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