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Purple Dress for Purple Penis Eater Pub Crawl

Friday, June 17 
7 PM – 11 PM
Start Location – District 5 – 1911 W Main St. Richmond, VA 23220

Purple Penis Eater and Holey Poley are two wonderful people who could use our help right now. As past (always) members of POHO, RH3 and now Jolly Rodger H3, they have always been highly involved and supportive of our activites. They add fun and smiles when on trail.
If you do not know, PPE is very ill and has been facing years of tough battles against cancer and we can help.
We will be walking & socializing & HELPING PPE and HP; so get on your purple pretties and get on this pub filled trail!
Hash cash: $5 – this covers beer/shots on trail. $1 jello shots will also available. ALL money from jello shots goes to Purple.
Extra $$
We will have a variety of hashy items available for sales that have been dontated by various kennels and hashers. ALL PROCEEDS from these sales will go to Purple to help pay medial bills.
Stops – 3 beverage stops – between each bar.
Shiggy – 1 to 1.345 (maybe 1.69).
Hares – Rektal Spielunker, HeyUWannaLeiMe, Ass Pirates of the Carry My Beer In, Cocktroller
Strollers – On trail, sure…in the bar maybe not so much.
Dogs – See above Stroller comments.
What to bring – $5 hash cash, extra $$ to buy hashy stuff to benefit Purple, virgins, sense of humor

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